Marshalls Hourly Pay | How much Marshalls pay per hour?

Marshals is a famous e-commerce platform known as an American chain of departmental stores. It’s famous for its off-prices and several branches across the country. TJX Companies retain it, and more than 1000 stores are available in America. It includes the Marshalls Megastore. With the popularity, it’s a hot debate online about Marshalls hourly pay. Everyone is curious about the employees’ salaries, advantages, and other benefits.

If you are also looking for the answer about Marshalls hourly pay, you are at the right spot. Read more and clarify your questions. Let’s begin!

What Is Marshalls’ Hourly Pay?

It’s really challenging to give a single quote because Marshalls pay different hourly rates on individual platforms such as Indeed, Glassdoor, etc. if you want to know the average amount, it varies from $7.82 per hour to $20.13 per hour (for Sales and Asset Protection Specialist respectively).

Want to know the yearly salary? An average employee earns $14,500 per year to %105,862 per year (For Cashier and Financial Controller, respectively). Remember that it might change based on experience, position, etc. For better understanding, we are considering the top job platforms, for example, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc., and mentioning average Marshalls salaries in the following.

Marshalls Hourly Pay According To Indeed

Indeed is a reputable platform for providing jobs and is vital for job seekers. The average salary for Sales Associate at Marshalls is approximately $10.51 per hour. A Retail Sales Associate earns $12.07 per hour, and Packer got around $1,588 per week at Marshalls.

Similarly, a cashier receives $12.20 per hour, and the Merchandise Coordinator gets $13.75 per hour. Lastly, a salesperson’s salary goes up to $9..30 per hour, and a Sales Coordinator obtains $12.82 per hour. On the other hand, a Sales representative is paid almost $10.85 per hour. Check out the salaries according to different categories in the following:

Security & Public Safety Salaries at Marshalls

  •  Loss Prevention Officer: $17.18 per hour
  • Marshal: $9.04 per hour
  • Detective: $13.61 per hour
  • Loss Prevention Manager: $19.54 per hour
  • Security Officer: $13.39 per hour
  • Internal Investigator: $20.42 per hour
  • Special Agent: $22.08 per hour
  • Fire Fighter: $61.19 per hour

Customer Service Salaries at Marshalls

  • Customer Service Manager: $13.14 per hour
  • Customer Service Representative: $13.43 per hour
  • Front Desk Agent: $14.71 per hour
  • Retail Customer Service Representative: $86.6 per hour
  • Customer Service Supervisor: $12.39 per hour
  • Guest Service Agent: $9.37 per hour
  • Customer Representative: $10.49 per hour
  • Call Center Representative: $11.74 per hour
  • Support Associate: $14.38 per hour

Management Salaries at Marshalls

  • Assistant Manager: $153.43 per hour
  • Operation Manager: $140.9 per hour
  • Manager: $127 per hour
  • Operations Supervisor: $170.3 per hour
  • Assistant Operation Manager: $132.2 per hour
  • Home Manager: $11.66 per hour
  • Team Leader: $58.3 per hour
  • General Manager: $233 per hour
  • Engagement Manager: $9.38 per hour

Marshalls Hourly Pay According To Glassdoor

Glassdoor is another reputable platform offering jobs to job seekers. According to it, an average Marshalls Sales Associate gets $18 per hour. A Retail Sales Associate earns $18 per hour, and Merchandise Associates get paid approximately$15 per hour.

A customer Experience Coordinator and Store Associate earn almost $21 and $15, respectively. On the other hand, a Sales Floor Associate and Front End Cashier get $15 and $16, respectively. Other salaries are mentioned below:

  • Store Manager: $34 per hour
  • Coordinator: $15 per hour
  • Backroom Associate: $16 per hour
  • Operations Manager: $36 per hour
  • Customer Service Representative: $16

Note: These are estimated salaries for the Marshalls employees for different positions. Keep in mind that the values are based on employee reviews (all salaries are submitted by the Marshalls employees). The pay rates are accurate up to our knowledge and verified by Indoor and Glassdoor platforms at the time of writing this blog. The pay may update in the future.

Job Satisfaction vs. Pay Rate At Marshalls

Whatever the salary a person is receiving, job satisfaction is necessary. Indeed, the platform has collected more than 19 thousand reviews from the employees and calculated the overall job satisfaction result. According to the reviews, only 41% of employees are happy with their jobs at Marshalls, with salaries, benefits, and other things.


In conclusion, the average salary of a person at Marshalls ranges from $7.82 to $20.13 per hour. Further, it depends on store location, your experience, position, and the benefits you get from the job. Overall, people like this company very much because of its handsome salary and other benefits. We hope you will find this guide helpful in clearing your confusion about an employee’s salary.


What do people think about their work and pay at Marshalls?

The Indeed platform has interviewed thousands of employees (current and former). They said that they are happy with the pay rates at Marshalls. Almost 29% of people strongly agreed with it.

Do employees receive overtime at Marshalls?

According to several current and former employees, they don’t receive overtime at Marshalls. Almost 65% of employees agreed with this answer.

Do people get raises at Marshalls?

Yes, employees get raises at Marshall annually. This answer was given by approx. 3350 employees.

Do employees get paid for sick days at marshalls?

More than 4000 employees gave their reviews on these questions. Yes, the employees receive a salary even if they are sick.

Do employees get paid time off at Marshalls?

Many employees said that they don’t get paid time off at Marshalls. Almost 31% of employees strongly agree with this answer.

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