Hourly Rate for Estate Cleanout: How much does an estate cleanout cost per hour?

Estate cleanouts are always exhausting and time-consuming. But they don’t have to be messy, you can always hire a professional estate cleanout company to handle the tedious task. But estate cleanouts cost money, and before you hire a professional, you’ll have to see if that even fits your budget.

Estate cleanouts aren’t as simple as they seem to be. The whole process contains multiple steps the professional has to follow, like handling heavy objects, deep cleaning the whole property, and towing the heavy stuff away.

This guide discusses the latest hourly rate for estate cleanout in 2023. You’ll get an idea about the budget you’ll need for a thorough estate cleanout. We’ll also discuss the factors which influence the cost of an estate cleanout.

Hourly Rates For Estate Cleanout 2023 UPDATED

Here’s a list of example hourly rates for estate cleanout in 2023. Remember that these rates are to give you a rough idea. The actual estate cleanout rates might vary depending on the factors listed below.

  • Appliance Removal: Estate cleanout services usually charge an average of $175 for appliance removal rather than changing a flat hourly rate. That’s because the final price depends on the number and type of appliances being removed. You may also have to bear recycling fees.
  • Estate Cleanout: Estate cleanouts are tedious and take some time to complete. A typical estate cleanout can cost between $500 and $6000, depending on the below factors.
  • Misc Junk Removal: If you have unwanted junk in your house or yard, it’ll cost you $75 to $500 to remove. The price depends on the type, volume, and weight of the junk to be removed.
  • Attic and Basement Cleanout: Depending on the type of junk that needs to be removed from your basement or attic, a professional estate cleanout company will charge anywhere between $150 and $1500 for the service.

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Now you have a rough idea of the average cost of estate cleanout services around your area. Most service providers give you a single quote, while some might charge an hourly rate.

Hourly Rate For Estate Cleanout in 2023 – Factors To Consider

The average hourly rate for estate cleanout in 2023 depends on your location, property size and service provider. However, there are various steps in the estate cleanout process. Below, we’ll mention the factors to consider in estate cleanouts and how they impact the final cost of the cleanout in your specific case.

1.     Travel Distance

The final cost of the estate cleanout service will also depend on the travel distance between their dispatch point and the property. A company far from the property will charge you more than the one closer to it.

2.     Property Size

Larger properties mean more surface area to clean and more items to care for. If the yard is added to the list, the work and the cost will increase accordingly.

But a large property also doesn’t necessarily mean an increased estate cleanout price. While the property’s square footage matters in the overall final cost, there are some other important factors to consider as well.

3.     Assets To Move Out

The amount of items in a property also affects the overall cost of the estate cleanout service. While some service providers charge by the dumpsters, others charge a plain hourly rate.

No matter how you do the maths, moving out more items will always cost you extra money.

4.     Average Local Rates

Once you start calling multiple estate cleanout companies in your area, you’ll start getting different rates from all of them.

You should get multiple quotes for the service you need and choose a company that offers the most value for the price they charge.

5.     Special Discounts

In the off-season or on special occasions, you can find a good discount from a local estate cleanout company. Veteran discounts and special offers are always available from local service providers, so keep looking around for them.

A good tip is to ask for a discount whenever you contact an estate cleanout company; a discount never hurts.

6.     Time Needed For The Job

As mentioned earlier, every estate cleanout company calculates the costs differently. Some will give you a quote for the whole service, while others will charge a flat hourly rate after assessing your requirements.


Estate Cleanout is a tedious task. You should hire an estate cleanout company if you’ve lost a loved one recently or want to get your property properly cleaned.

Always choose service providers who agree to give you a free estimate. Compare the free estimates you get from local estate cleanout companies, and choose the company which provides you with the most value for money. Make sure there are no hidden charges, and check company reviews before finalizing.

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